Antenna Engineering Basics:

antenna engineering

What is Available

Applications for various antennas started long before TV and radio and its potential is only going to grow as more devices go wireless. To be able to solve the future antenna problems, you must first know how do they work today.

We have already talked hon this website about resources that will help you grow your understanding on the subject like the Antenna Engineering Handbook by John Volakis.

So, now we just want to give you a few ideas on where to start if you want to learn more about antenna engineering.

Types of Antennas

antenna types

It will get complicated real fast, so make sure you understand well the differences between a short dipole antenna, a half-wave antenna, a Vivaldi antenna and the NFC antenna.

Even if the concept is old and seemed to not to be useful anymore, learn it. You never know when it may come in practice.


antenna frequency

The next thing to turn to is how the information travels. So, try to get a better understanding on what are the sinusoids, frequency and wavelength. All this you probably learned in the Physics class in school but note that it is not all the same. So, it might be good to revisit the topic.

Radiation and directivity

Lastly, study the radiation and how can you impact the directivity of the wavelength without changing the signal. This is the bread and butter of the antenna engineering, while design come much later.

To understand, you must be able to switch parts in your head and imagine what will the outcome be.

Because if you spend enough time on familiarizing yourself with the process and even more in experimenting with radiation and frequencies, we are sure that eventually you will find your please even at Elon Musk’s team of engineers.

Keep learning!

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